We can help you achieve faster time to benefit through our hosted (GHOST) solutions.

Our subscription solutions built over many years bring that IP to your business challenges creating bespoke solutions for our customers.

System Integration Nodes

Our Node solution is built on Node Red, an open source visual tool for ‘wiring’ together function blocks to create integrations or data processing solutions. There are hundreds of Nodes available for a vast array of functions and we’ve added our own set of PI System Nodes that enable you to comprehensively interact with your PI System.

Some of our most popular uses of PI System Nodes are synchronising AF configuration across environments; and auto-publishing data rich reports.


Whether you want a solution quickly without adding to your on-premise infrastructure complexity, or you need to share information with other organisations or the public, (such as satisfying regulatory requirements); our hosted services can help.

We have a powerful cloud service underpinned by the OSIsoft PI System ready to fetch your data, organise it, analyse it and present it to your target audience with minimal on premises footprint.  We manage, monitor and maintain the hosted system leaving you free to focus on other initiatives.


Water corporations face many challenges in common. Maintaining the highest customer service standards with challenging budgets drives a focus on efficient operations which demands data-driven decisions.

Our unique Water Pack suite of applications, which consists of Pump Efficency & Optimisation, ESC Reporting, Water Quality, RDII (Rainfall Derived Infiltration and Inflow) were developed in partnership with the Intelligent Water Networks group in Victoria to provide an environment to share data across water corporations together with a cloud-based set of applications to bring intelligent data-based decision making to common industry challenges.

Smart Cities

Local governments are embracing new technologies to bring greater benefit to their communities and maximise the value in every ratepayer’s dollar. This raises challenges around managing prolific, unfamiliar and diverse data sets; typically leading to many siloed data sources limiting value in the data captured.

Our hosted Smart Cities platform provides a single, managed data platform for the capture, analysis and visualisation of data from any sources from IoT devices, online sources or on-premise systems.

I would like to thank you and your team for the great work you did for us. I would be very pleased to work with any or all of you on future projects.


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