Water SaaS

The gHost “Solutions as a Service” platform is designed and engineered to deliver specific real-time solutions, relieving your company from the time taken to capture, analyse and present this operational data in a usable format. With these tedious and time-consuming tasks taken care of, you are now better supported to concentrate your time on improving operations and managing your assets. gHost solutions enables you to take action with the confidence of real-time data insights, delivering business value to your organisation.

Pre-built solutions to accelerate
your benefit realisation

A hosted platform that delivers
industry proven solutions

A technology partner with the skills
and the time to help you build value

Pump Performance

The Pump Performance application provides automated analysis of your asset’s incoming data displayed on web-based dashboards, presenting user-configurable pump efficiency calculations, alerts and performance comparison with the manufacturer’s pump curves in real time.

Rainfall Derived Infiltration and Inflow

Collect, configure and analyse real-time data with the Rainfall Derived Infiltration and Inflow (RDII) application. Using web-based displays, analysts are able to easily compare different catchments and examine historical records to identify variable changes. Utilise your data insights to support the prioritising of remedial activity or changing the approach to remediation for water corporations.