Systems Integration

Your Application Infrastructure Is An Ecosystem Of Specialised Software System

Whether it’s on premises or in the cloud, owned or outsourced, each software plays a role in supporting business functions.

There’s great value in the successful cooperation between these systems, sharing data, exchanging important events, functioning as a cohesive whole.

For example bringing disparate data sets together simplifies data access and facilitating awareness and analysis across a bigger picture saving manual effort and driving better decision making.

Similarly sharing asset performance data can automate maintenance activity moving towards condition-based maintenance and reducing maintenance costs.

Our integration services help to create this cohesion and unlock value. We will help you target opportunities, define and implement useful integrations that support your processes and generate value.

If we can get our heads around letting systems make intelligent decisions, it's a logical step to let the systems talk to each other to support that and automate work.

Andrew Todd

Chief Executive Officer at GTS Group