Operational Intelligence

Creating a rich well-organised data structure

It helps extract information from ‘raw’ data and inform decision making which can lead to business benefits. Taking a step further we can apply specialist technologies to create further insight and truly bring ‘intelligence’ to business operations.

Pattern recognition will show you that something about an asset’s operation is atypical, even if it’s performing well. Machine learning tools will help you find correlations between data sets you may not have been aware of.

Advanced analyses forecasting demand on a system and the expected performance or cost impact of that demand will help you mitigate risk.

Our expertise extends beyond the core data infrastructure to a range of specialist tools provided by our technology partners. These tools provide world-leading capability that can substantially expand your operational insight.

We're not seeking to be experts in all things, our role is sometimes to understand the challenge and bring the right specialist technologies to the task.

Andrew Todd

Chief Executive Officer at GTS Group