Data Insight

Data Is One Of Your Biggest Assets.

It’s the raw material from which you can gather information and from that information gain insights that help you make decisions that create business benefit.

By looking at one system you can learn that an asset is operating, with well-organised data from many systems you can also know what make and model it is; when it was installed and last maintained; what it costs to run it; how it’s performing now; whether that performance has changed over time and how it compares with others in the fleet; or whether there’s been a change in environmental or other variables.

Our job is to get the data into a useful form and share it’s story with you. Our experience in your industry, and with managing data, combined with your subject matter expertise delivers the insights that will lead to business transformation and the substantial benefits derived from data-driven decisions.

Sometimes it's as simple as condensing all the disparate data into a meaningful dashboard, that alone can save weeks of human effort every year.

Andrew Todd

Chief Executive Officer at GTS Group