The Value of Accreditation

Accreditations demonstrate a commitment to quality outcomes

At GTS Group we take the PI System very seriously. Which is why we consider accreditation of our engineers to be of the utmost importance, as it demonstrates their in-depth knowledge and proficiency with the PI System. GTS Group has the largest team of OSIsoft Accredited PI System engineers in Australia.   

These Accreditations show our clients that GTS has the skills and knowledge required to design and implement PI System solutions based on OSIsoft’s best practice recommendations and standards. We believe it also demonstrates our commitment to delivering high quality outcomes for customers who have made the investment in OSIsoft’s world class operational data management platform. 

GTS Group’s commitment to accreditation is not only limited to the PI System. We are ISO 9001 certified, demonstrating a strong customer focus and commitment to quality management principles and continual improvement. 

Our customers benefit from working with a partner that is committed to meeting high standards of project delivery. By having Accredited systems engineers working on their projects, they can be assured that a depth of knowledge and experience is brought to bear in every project from design through to delivery and support. 

Not only do we have the largest pool of accredited PI System engineers in the country, but GTS also backs up those Accreditations with decades of collective experience in designing, building, and delivering applications based on PI System technology.