The modern digital environment is a cohesive ecosystem of 
integrated software components each playing a role. Our partners represent best of breed technologies and capabilities to truly 
explore innovation and deliver ‘next level‘ solutions.

From data to knowledge
to transformation.

To stay competitive, companies must continually innovate, improve and streamline their operations. Enter the PI System and its ability to collect, analyse, visualize and share large amounts of high-fidelity, time-series data from multiple sources to people and systems across all operations. That’s the essence – and the power – of PI System operational intelligence.


OSIsoft’s PI System transforms complexity to
simplicity,delivering operational intelligence
through Its highly scalable, open data infrastructure


The PI System empowers enterprises in real time,
transforming operational data into actionable
knowledge and business transformation.


By accessing key data and insights, the PI System
has helped leading companies deliver greater operational
improvements and breakthroughs that lead ultimately
to comprehensive business transformation.

GTS have Australia’s leading experts in the OSIsoft PI System, we are the most accredited Australian-based system integration firm and the only one with a shared services agreement. We have enjoyed a long partnership with OSIsoft and have partnered on customer solutions throughout Australia.

Alliance Partners

Our alliance partners are the core of our business, we cooperate and collaborate
closely to ensure the best outcomes for our shared customers

Texture Consulting

You don’t deliver a project with technical skills alone. You need leadership, analysts, test managers, change managers and technical writers.

Our Texture Consulting business was established to build a dedicated team of consultants with specialist skills in these areas to ensure GTS delivers the best outcomes, helping our clients define their requirements, plan and lead projects, apply rigorous quality assurance and manage organisational change.


PXiSE Energy Solutions

Pxise (Pice) envision a future where all electric grids are optimized to provide safe, affordable, and renewable power. Harnessing the exceptional skills of their expert team Pxise have created technology solutions that solve the toughest electric grid challenges of the 21st century and provide industry-leading grid control solutions for Distributed Energy Resource (DER) and renewable energy integration challenges around the world.

Having delivered Australia’s first microgrid control and DERMS solution together, the GTS and Pxise partnership represents world-leading technology with the local implementation team to build and support complex energy solutions.


Dimension Software

Dimension Software are New Zealand’s leading OSIsoft PI System integrator and have developed industry-leading products extending the core PI System capability.

GTS and Dimension Software have formed an ANZ alliance to cooperate and collaborate to bring better value to our collective customer base by introducing each other’s technology. GTS proudly implement and support Alarm Sentinel and Asset Intellect in Australia.

Meet our Technology Partners

Each of our technology partners brings a specialist capability to our solutions and a global perspective. We maintain a close relationship with these partners and strong skills in their technologies powering greater innovation opportunities

Technology Platforms

We maintain skills in a diverse suite of technologies that provides a deeper understanding of customer environments and challenges; allows us to craft solutions from a broader toolkit and to communicate with stakeholders on their own terms.