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Using GTS's Hosted solution to capture, analyse, visualise and report on data from any source – without investing in niche skills or architecture

The City of Charles Sturt (CCS) founded ‘Water Proofing the West’, an innovative storm water harvesting and reuse scheme for Western Adelaide. The system uses wetlands to store and treat stormwater before injecting it into underground aquifers, recovered and distributed as needed via a network of pipes as a non-potable recycled water.

With a track record of digital transformation, CCS began to consider how they could achieve their strategic objectives of developing operational insights, automate regulatory reporting and provide the opportunity to scale out and support their Smart City Strategy.

Their focus became real-time data management – a gap in the existing infrastructure – seeking a hosted solution to improve data access and reporting.

GTS provided a vision of meeting the immediate needs but also of creating an data platform that could consolidate disparate datasets throughout the organisation and become the foundation of their Smart City strategy.

A Problem Looking for Innovation

CCS had implemented a SCADA system to operate their recycled water network but access to data was a challenge.  Several man-days per month were required of expert resources to gather data and compile regulatory and internal reporting.

Complex undocumented processes and single point of knowledge was recognised as a risk and inefficiency and these issues were preventing effective management of the system.

The main goal for CCS was to help the Water Business manage operational data (including asset water quality data ) to simplify collection, analysis, visualisation and reporting.

High level requirements were:

  • Data collection management for real time data sets – internal and external
  • Provision of a user-friendly interface / dashboards
  • Notifications and automated reporting functions, including building and managing key EPA reports
  • Integration including push and pull functions to ERP systems such as Technology One
  • A Software as a Service architecture
  • Training and Support

In addition to the targeted pain points CCS recognised that existing applications were creating data silos and similar data access issues.  A single platform that could provide the scalability and versatility to pursue IoT initiatives under their Smart City program would be highly desirable.


GTS provided their GTS Hosted (GHOST) platform built on OSIsoft’s world class PI System.  GHOST provides a hosted infrastructure designed, built and supported by GTS.

Interfaces were provided to extract data from the ClearSCADA system as well as data files and deliver the data to GHOST.  Data structures were configured to consolidate data from various sources and process the data with real time analytics.

Dashboards were created to improve operational awareness and share data with various business stakeholders; and reports extracting data from GHOST were automated.

The resulting solution provided:

  • An innovative cloud-based data infrastructure never before seen in the Local Government
  • Digital Transformation of manual processes
  • Analytics for Asset Performance
  • Streamlined Regulatory Reporting
  • Implementation of a real time Smart Cities Platform
  • Substantial cost savings and efficiencies

Project Outcomes and Benefits

With enterprise grade performance, reliability and scalability GHOST delivered the immediate benefits sought by the Water Business.  The expected time savings in transforming operational processes were realised and accessibility dramatically improved with all stakeholders having simple access to a consolidated dataset drawn from multiple on premises, file based or online sources.

The GHOST solution was quickly proven to be a perfect platform for Smart City initiatives and other real-time data management needs with a variety of successful pilots conducted including:

  • Building energy and PV generation monitoring
  • Digital meter data management
  • IoT sensor data management
Shane Devereaux
Shane Devereaux

Project Manager

Our GHOST solution solved the immediate need to reduce the effort in data handling as well as creating a versatile smart city platform for many other initiatives.

Andrew Todd

Chief Executive Officer at GTS Group

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