GTS Hosted (gHost) Platform

A complete operational intelligence platform in the cloud built on the PI System.




The PI System from OSIsoft is the world’s leading real-time, data platform used by thousands of large organisations globally to collect, manage, analyse and view their operational data.

Capable of managing millions of data streams from diverse systems and sources, the PI system can be found in utilities, manufacturing, oil and gas, metals and mining, chemicals, paper, transport and the public sector, supporting countless business improvement innovations including:

  • Increasing asset uptime and extending asset life
  • Optimising processes and improving quality
  • Reducing energy and maintenance costs
  • Managing risk and compliance

Under an agreement with OSIsoft, GTS offers a managed service hosted on Azure, and built on the PI System, providing the tools and expertise needed for any organisation to generate value from their data without the need to develop in house expertise and on-premises systems. 

Our hosted (gHost) service will:

  • Gather, organise, analyse and create insight from your own data and other sources
  • Combine and share data across entities or share data with the public
  • Integrate with on-premises or external systems to share meta data and events as part of a broader ecosystem

Unlike other online systems that offer a ‘portal’, gHost provides the integration, flexibility, reliability and performance to build a hosted data management platform in the cloud.

Key Features

gHost provides everything needed to quickly deliver operational intelligence value:

  • Gather data from on-premises systems, partners, third parties, web sites, devices or files. All useful data collected, analysed and visualised in one place.
  • Analyse data collected from disparate sources on a schedule or event triggered basis using powerful built-in PI System analysis features.
  • Send email alerts complete with useful data based on complex configurable trigger conditions.
  • Empower users to visualise the data that matters to them, in a way that makes sense to them with user-configurable dashboards.
  • Share data with on-premises or external systems through an API service.



The infrastructure is all there, all that’s needed is to connect with data sources so it’s possible to start adding value within a week.

Rapid Deployment

Data is often siloed for example in on-premises or vendor data portals making it difficult and time consuming to analyse or present a holistic data view.  

Andrew Todd
Andrew Todd

Chief Executive Officer

Using gHost it’s possible to start adding real value through operational intelligence within a week.

John Messinger

Chief Technology Officer at GTSgroup

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