Our Approach

GTS believes in building relationships based on high-quality professional services with a strong customer-focus, agility, efficiency and flexibility that cannot be matched by our competitors. The following principles define our philosophy.

  • Customer-Focus

    Our goal is to provide a system or service that meets our customer’s business requirements which invariably means a little give-and-take. Rather than being contract-focused we prefer to focus on what our clients need and apply a reasonableness test to variations and changes in direction.

  • Flexibility

    Our clients and partners benefit from our ability to collaborate in a cooperative, flexible, and adaptable manner. GTS works effectively as both a prime contractor and a subcontractor. We have the capability to undertake complex tasks on short notice, offer responsive solutions, produce high-quality products, and deliver services on time and within budget.

  • Experience

    We believe that the greatest thing we can offer our clients is our experience because it is only with the benefit of experience that the right decisions are made. With many years of experience in a number of disciplines GTS can offer sound advice and with a solid track-record of project delivery GTS enjoys a reputation of being competent and capable partners.

  • Quality

    Our clients deserve and expect products and services that are superior in quality. Through our methods, controls and project governance, GTS consistently meets the expectation of excellence on our deliverables. We are most proud of those systems that are still meeting a need after many years with little or no support.